Journey Counselling Center is an NPO committed to delivering trained, private counselling care to vulnerable women in our community who experienced trauma due to crisis pregnancy, miscarriage or still-birth, abortion, sexual abuse and rape. We aim to make the women feel safe, as we walk alongside them and end with them feeling empowered, healed and ready to move forward as whole individuals able to contribute towards our society. 

Journey Counselling Center’s roots and foundations stem from the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic (HMBC) which was initiated in 2002 and is part of the VICTORY MEDICAL TRUST. Significant needs emerged from the youth visiting the clinic in search of medical help with unplanned pregnancies. After more investigation, it became evident that the women visiting the clinic were in need of more than just medical attention. Many patients were experiencing trauma either due to the effects of a crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss or sexual abuse. JOURNEY COUNSELLING CENTER was launched and introduced to the community on the 5 May 2017 and now operates as a sister organization to HMBC. 

In any given moment we have two options: 

to step forward into growth or

to step back into safety.

- Abraham Maslow



JOURNEY Counselling Center provides counselling with trained counsellors in a safe loving environment to women dealing with crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss, abortion, sexual abuse, and rape with the purpose of growth and restoration.


JOURNEY Counselling Center aspires to equip, educate and walk a healing process with women. We counsel and guide them to develop as whole individuals who are empowered to move forward.